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Meetings & Education

Visit our YouTube page to view videos from our past Online Education Series and Associate Development Days.

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2022 Education/Meeting Schedule

Date Event Register
Tuesday, September 6th Southern Chapter Spring Meeting
Lake Chesdin Golf Club – Chesterfield, VA
Lunch Only
Tuesday, September 6th Central Chapter Spring Meeting
Montgomery Country Club – Gaithersburg, MD
Lunch Only
Monday, September 19th Northern Chapter Spring Meeting
Prospect Bay Golf Club – Grasonville, MD
Lunch Only


MSR Cycle

Effective for MSRCycle 15A: June 16, 2018 – June 15, 2022

PGA Members are required to earn 54 total MSR credits for a three-year cycle; at least 36 of those must come from Meeting/Education/Player Development. These credits are commonly referred to as the “required category”. These consist of but are not limited to Section and Chapter meetings and education seminars, as well as various PGA of America, approved Player Development Programs. You may also attend Non-Section education seminars as long as they are career-specific and you are highly encouraged to contact the Section office BEFORE attending to confirm you will earn credit.

The other category is referred to as the “total category”. These credits can be obtained through a wide variety of activities including but not limited to playing in Section tournaments, volunteering at Section Consumer Events and having an article you wrote published in a golf publication.

If you are participating in online education, there are specific course requirements to be eligible for credits. Those requirements are outlined below:

  1. The program must be at least an hour-long and have at least 30 screenshots for 1 MSR to be awarded.
  2. The program must have an assessment associated with it consisting of 8-10 questions per hour of content.
  3. PGA Education must be given access to the content and assessment for final approval, please email Todd Sammons at and Nicole Pillay at
  4. Following approval the Membership Department has reporting requirements that must be met as well.

For more information regarding MSR credits, CLICK HERE. Please contact Membership Director Kristine Alonso at the Section office if you have any questions regarding MSR credits at or (540) 784-4723.

PGA Certified Professional Program (CPP)

Are you looking to advance in your career? Are you wondering how to achieve better employment opportunities or achieve a certain distinction that will set you apart from other members? The PGA Certified Professional Program has been created to offer PGA members the opportunity to advance in their desired career path. More than two years ago, a significant Gap Analysis Study and a Competency Report Study were completed in an effort to determine how The PGA of America could help its members better educate themselves. These important reports indicated that the skills required by employers were lacking in the Professional Development Program that was recently discontinued.

The PGA Certified Professional Program was created in recognition of specific career paths where PGA members are employed. This program is the first of its kind. It will truly quantify and measure performance against core- and career-specific competencies. The program acknowledges six specific career paths that represent 99 percent of the membership. As a member, you will have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment process in which decision-making style, core competencies and career-specific competencies will be evaluated. Upon completion of the evaluation, a course or series of courses will be recommended. Click here to learn more and start advancing your career!