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PGA Jr. League

PGA Jr. League exists to bring communities together through fun, team golf experiences… plus those experiences that transcend golf itself, like friendships that last for years to come or a newfound sense of confidence.

In 2020, nearly 1,700 PGA Professional Captains rose to the challenges of the pandemic by creating responsible team golf experiences for nearly 37,000 kids. PGA Jr. League developed program-specific guidelines within the framework of the industry-wide Back2Golf Guidelines that were approved by medical advisors in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), with the intent of resuming PGA Jr. League in the most responsible way.

Championship Season Dates:                                                                                     Competitive Championship: August 16th-17th @ Reston National                          Recreational Championship: TBD


Player Registration

As a reminder, Coaches must be PGA Members, PGA Associates or LPGA Members in good standing to register.

Before you register, we encourage you to complete the Pre-Registration Planning Tool linked below. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Player Engagement Consultant, Chelsea Guoynes, PGA at

Register for 2023 Season

How does PGA Jr. League work?

At its core, PGA Jr. League is a group of local golf teams who learn and play golf through a series of practices and games, utilizing a nurturing and social scramble format. PGA and LPGA Professionals exclusively serve as Captains and are responsible for creating a welcoming environment for all that encourages skill and character development.

Watch our PGA Jr. League Animated Short to learn more about how the program works. Once you find a team in your area, we encourage families to talk with their Captain for more information about his or her program.

PGA Jr. League Game Guide

Every PGA Jr. League player will receive a PGA Jr. League Game Guide booklet, which is a fun and interactive guide to the ins-and-outs of the program.

2021 Game Guide

2021 Conditions of Play

We invite all leagues to adopt the PGA Jr. League rules and Conditions of Play, however, these are simply recommendations throughout local league play. The rules and Conditions of Play will be fully enforced throughout the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship Season, beginning with Section competitions. As scramble play is not recognized in the USGA Rules of Golf, the PGA of America feels it is important to establish guidelines by which this format can be reasonably governed.

The following PGA Jr. League official guidelines do not constitute any attempt to alter or revise the Rules of Golf, but attempt to fairly apply them to a two-person scramble match play format. Additional rules addendums will be released for all scramble stroke play events. Players should be familiar with the most current USGA Rules of Golf, as PGA Jr. League is governed by these rules and the following Conditions of Play specific to two-person scramble match play.

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Join The Team

Interested in bringing PGA Jr. League to your facility? Contact Player Engagement Consultant, Chelsea Guoynes, PGA at to get started!