Career Links

PGA CareerLinks is the PGA of America’s award-winning complimentary employment referral service that was created in 1996 with a mission to help foster successful employment relationships between golf industry/facility employers and PGA Professionals. As part of this executive service process, we will provide notifications to you regarding your opportunities.

PGA Job-Finder

The PGA of America has created this complimentary job board for Job Seekers interested in pursuing non-management positions at golf courses and in the golf industry.  Opportunities included in this service are assistant golf professional, teaching professional, golf shop staff, food & beverage staff, starter/ranger, or for other golf industry positions such as sales, retail, marketing, etc., using the PGA JobFinder service. Click Here for this job board.

Employment Changes

If you are new to the section or changed jobs in the section, please fill out this form and send it in within 10 days of starting your new position. This allows us to keep up to date records on all PGA members in the Middle Atlantic Section. Click Here for this form.


Virginia 529 College Savings Plan
The MAPGA is pleased to partner with Allan Strange and the Strange-Baber Group at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC to offer a lower expense version of the Virginia 529 College Savings Plan with no sales charges. This plan provides a state tax deduction on contributions and tax-free growth of investments. The money you save in the plan can then be withdrawn tax-free to pay for education expenses (tuition, room & board, and supplies like books and computers) at any school in the country where you could also apply for a student loan.

The American Funds Virginia College Savings Plan is already the largest state college savings plan in the country and consistently ranks in the top 5 of state college savings plans by Morningstar. Through the MAPGA, you can take advantage of this plan with lower investment expenses.  To get started today, contact the Strange-Baber group at (804) 595-9360.

Free Membership for the MAPGA Junior Golf Tour
Children and grandchildren of MAPGA Professionals are able to become members for the MAPGA Junior Tour for free. This is a $110.00 value for only active, Class A PGA Professionals.  Members will still be responsible for paying for each individual tournament they participate in.  Please contact Will Martindale at the Section office to register your child or grandchild at (540) 784-4841 or  You can CLICK HERE for the current schedule of the MAPGA Junior Tour.

PGA of America Benefits
Your affiliation with the PGA of America provides you over 100 member discounts for you personally and for your business. You can CLICK HERE to access the entire list.

Career Planning and Development


PGA Employment Assistance
The MAPGA has numerous people that can help with employment. They are, Greg Stenzel, PGA Employment Consultant, Jon Guhl, Executive Director, and the Employment and Club Relations Committee.  All of these individuals have great knowledge and resources to help you achieve your employment goals.  Feel free to reach out to them regarding these topics or any employment question:

• resume/cover letters
• needs analysis
• compensation statistics
• hiring process assistance
• hiring tools
• employment referral service
Click here for compensation statistics

Greg Stenzel, PGA 

Jon Guhl