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APA Membership

APA Membership Info

We encourage all A-6, A-8, and Associates to join the APA. The APA Membership fee is just $75.

As a reminder, when you become a member of the APA, you are eligible to receive the AHEAD/APA Scholarship. The APA offers 12 scholarships to APA members who complete a level of their PGM program, reimbursing them $500 for their expenses to complete that level.

AHEAD APA Scholarship

AHEAD MAPGA-APA Associate Scholarship Eligibility Guidelines

A-6, A-8 members and associates already in the Middle Atlantic Section (MAPGA) must meet the following requirements:

1)  Must be a registered member of the MAPGA Assistant Professional Association (APA) no later than July 1st

2)  Must participate in at least two (2) of the following by December 31st

  • APA Tournament
  • APA Education Seminar
  • APA Meeting
  • Section or Chapter Membership Meeting
  • Section specific education seminars (MAPGA Teaching Summit, those adjacent to Section meetings)

Associates who transfer into or become a newly registered associate in the Middle Atlantic Section after May 15th must meet the obligations listed above, except the deadline to register for APA membership is extended to September 1st.

Associates who transfer into the MAPGA or become newly registered after the September 1st deadline are not eligible for the AHEAD MAPGA-APA Associate Scholarship during that calendar year.