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Player Development Grant

Player Development Grant

Each year for the past 10 years, we have given out up to $25,000 in total to deserving MAPGA facilities to help grow the game.

The 2023 Player Development Grant Application Process is NOW Closed

Grant Guidelines

Mock Preliminary Application

2023 Grant Application


Caleb Kolb
MAPGA Player Development Coordinator


2023 PD Grant Recipients

Colonial Heritage Club- (Richard Rice) Awarded $1000

“This selection of training aids would give me something to use for each and every student that comes out to my lesson tee. It would add to the professionalism and overall experience for all students. The foam rollers, yoga blocks, resistance bands, and leg bands will all be used multi-functionally as training aids and equipment to help players improve mobility. The hula hoops, 3 and 6 foot circles, and pitching targets will all be used to allow each student to have measurable results. Other objects such as the G snap thx, the impact ball, impact bag, club magnet, etc will be used to enhance lessons and assist in quicker learning.”

First Tee Roanoke Valley- (Jennifer Blackwood) Awarded $3950

“The school equipment kits will be provided to Roanoke City Schools so that the PE teachers can be trained, have prescribed lessons and equipment specifically designed to teach golf introductory courses in the RCPS elementary schools. First Tee – Roanoke Valley will work with Roanoke City Schools Director of PE to develop an equipment rotation schedule, allowing each school’s PE teacher up to three weeks each school year to provide a golf introductory program to the 7,000 elementary school students enrolled. Roanoke City Schools simply cannot afford to purchase this equipment and is the only school district in our immediate area without structured golf programming as part of their elementary PE curriculum. First Tee – Roanoke Valley will provide training and support to the RCPS PE staff to roll out and implement the program.”

Steve Bosdosh Golf Academy- (Matthew Schneider) Awarded $2000

“Our program welcomes new golfers every season. We want our new golfers to have the best chance to enjoy the game and succeed. Having the bare minimum of US Kids clubs required for them to play golf is a necessity. Having the right size is so important for their success as well. If a new junior golfer is presented with some clubs to borrow while they learn, they feel special, play better, enjoy the game more, and are more likely to play for life.When a student is having an issue, we want to give them the ability to resolve the problem themselves. We want them to have the knowledge and the tools to self-diagnose and succeed independently. The Strike Spray, putting mirrors, swing mirrors, speed trap, sweet roll system, and target circles are to help them accomplish these goals.”

Fox Hollow Training Center- (John Rosecrans) Awarded $1500

“The birdie balls will be used with the inflatable Trex. We have some but have been supplementing with foam balls and they are just not comparable. The SNAG futbol will be used with juniors who have difficulty swinging and/or the younger groups during our Junior Camps. The futbol course will teach them distance control, rules, scoring and concepts of golf. It is a fun activity as well and can easily be transported between locations for all of our camps.”

First Tee of DC- (Roger Brown) Awarded $2800

 “Junior clubs to be given out to participants in our program who are not able to purchase their own set of clubs. Our goal is to get clubs in as many kids’ hands as possible, we often receive donations of junior clubs but they are for smaller participants so the grant would go towards purchasing clubs for teenage participants.”

Newport News Golf Club- (Woods Woolwine) Awarded $1400

“Kirby markers will allow us to add a family friendly set up tees on our cardinal course for both juniors and novice golfers”

Pine Ridge Golf Course- (David Hutsell/ Julieta Stack) Awarded $1500

“Push Carts-Bag Boy -To be used for junior golf on course play, Youth On Course, junior camps, leagues, and new golfer on course play. We promote walking as a way of staying healthy and we do not charge money for pull carts so our juniors and new golfers can utilize these carts when they come to play Pine Ridge. Golf Clubs-To be used for our junior and beginner adult golf classes, clinics and camps. We have a large number of players who do not have equipment so keeping a fresh inventory of clubs really helps us and our students and makes learning to play easier when using newer clubs. It makes you feel proud when you hand a player a good club to learn with and it comes across to the student that we care about them.”

Prince William Golf Course- (Steve Loesher) Awarded $580

 “Various training items listed we will be able to use in both adult and youth programs. With have sets of two we can use them in golf classes and summer camps my setting them up where students can use all of them by taking turns on each to learn different looks and feel.”

Spring Creek Golf Club- (Matt Burch) Awarded $850 

“The club sets from U.S. Kids Golf will be used to create new opportunities for our club’s programs. With the constant growth of the junior program, Spring Creek needs several pieces of equipment from U.S. Kids Golf to add to their current stock of junior equipment.The BirdieBall system will allow us to teach ball flight in a fun and informative way. The eGolf Rings Pro Package will allow us to have more targets available during practice sessions. This will allow for visual assistance and fun when training for the short game. The WellPutt putting mat will give us an opportunity to conduct practice and training in a variety of environments.”

The Federal Club- (Bret Templeton) Awarded $1400

“The chipping hurdles will be used for PGA Jr League Camps, the event target will be used for various events included, parent-child tournaments and special junior golf events. SNAG Balls *These 3 items will be used to improve our Birdie Basics programs, upping the excitement level. The Sticky Suit will also be used for other Junior programs.”

TPC Potomac- (Tim Ritter) Awarded $1500 

“I would use the grant money towards purchasing three durable range targets and purchasing US Kids Golf Clubs for juniors who do not have clubs, the targets I can move around and keep it interesting and challenging for the kids. That way the junior players can have something to aim at that they can hit on the fly and celebrate when they hear that clang as the ball ricochets off the target. The wonderful thing is that these are durable so we will have them for many years to come.”

First Tee Virginia Blue Ridge- (Andrew Good) Awarded $1500

“The Orange whip training aids focus on improving balance, tempo, and core strength. I believe these will have a positive impact on our juniors and allow them to find more success in golf by strengthening these crucial areas. Golf is a target-oriented sport and I’ve found no one needs more visual targets than juniors. The 23” chipping baskets and pop-up pitching targets will be used to keep practice fun and exciting while improving our participants target-awareness and distance control.Finally, the pathfinder impact mats will benefit our young golfers by allowing them to identify the low point more easily in their swings. This will greatly improve their contact with the ball which in turn will allow them to enjoy the game more.”

Musket Ridge – (Josh Ricketts) Awarded $2800 

“The grant dollars requested will go directly to providing a full golf course experience for the youth of Frederick County. We will purchase and install 2 sets of junior tees, one for girls and boys 11 and under.We also would purchase fun new targets at the range to increase the excitement. The design of our range makes seeing targets very difficult for junior golfers to see what they are aiming towards. This grant will allow us to purchase targets that everyone can view.”

Heritage Oaks Golf Course- (David Johns) Awarded $800

“The targets will help us teach distance control in each of our instructional programs for juniors, ladies, and our PGA HOPE. The swing trainers will allow us to help improve flexibility, tempo, rhythm, balance, and strength in each of our junior, lady, and PGA HOPE golfers.”

Birdwood Golf- (Robert Failes) Awarded $800 

“Rental clubs will give our participants a greater opportunity to see success out on the course with the improved quality of equipment – which will better reflect the quality of our facility, instruction and programming. The Orange Whip trainers will allow our students the opportunity to discover the principles we teach in our programming, and will allow us to provide those opportunities to more students.”

Lexington Golf and Country Club- (Scott Frazier) Awarded $1000

Junior Golf Bags allow kids the chance to play the game and have an equal opportunity as those who have clubs.