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Player Development Grant

Player Development Grant

Each year for the past 10 years, we have given out up to $25,000 in total to deserving MAPGA facilities to help grow the game.

The 2023 Player Development Grant Application Process is NOW Closed

Grant Guidelines

Mock Preliminary Application

2023 Grant Application


Caleb Kolb
MAPGA Player Development Coordinator


2022 PD Grant Recipients (Alpha Order)

Army Navy Country Club/Arlington (Jimmy Kowalski) – Awarded $1,000

With the Grant Funds, Army Navy Country Club/Arlington will be purchasing golf clubs. Army Navy’s “Junior Tour Golf” Program is a developmental program that provides a structured curriculum for junior golfers of all skill levels. To assist each young player to learn and grow through the program, they match players based on skill level and athletic development to create an atmosphere that is socially engaging and competitively rewarding. Teaching life skills and a love for the game. They have multiple US Kids certified instructors and are recognized as an Operation 36 Learning Program Location. Army Navy’s Jimmy Kowalski also received recognition for having the second-largest PGA Junior League Program in the Middle Atlantic.

Baltimore Golf Academy (David Hutsell/Julieta Stack)– Awarded $950

With the Grant Funds, Baltimore Golf Academy will be purchasing Grips, Drivers, Irons, Putters, Indoor putting mat, Eyeline Golf Target Package, and a Small Target Basket. They offer many different levels of classes/clinics that allow players to feel comfortable in their environment as they grow. The Academy sets data-driven goals so their students can track their improvement and that helps show them the value of hard work and perseverance and gives them hope to keep trying to improve. Julieta Stack feels that seeing incremental progress is like magic for an athlete. Community is a big part of their programs, they serve the city of Baltimore as well as Central Maryland (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties, and Washington, DC.)

City of Petersburg/Dogwood Trace Golf Course (Jamie Fagan) – Awarded $3,000

With the Grant Funds, Dogwood Trace Golf Course will be purchasing Junior Golf Clubs. Their program provides both introductory classes and intermediate classes to the children of the City of Petersburg. There are no fees for their programs as the majority of the citizens of the city are on some type of government assistance. Jamie Fagan and his team focus heavily on the fundamental skills of the game to establish a solid foundation for the children to build on as they move forward and incorporate many of the core values of the First Tee program to ensure there is a lesson associated with each week’s class. In addition, they have partnered with the Petersburg School system to assist in teaching golf at the course through the physical education class curriculum.

CoachEd Golf Instruction at The Dominion Club (Ed Gill) – Awarded $2,500

With the Grant Funds, CoachEd Golf Instruction will be purchasing a GolfHippo inflatable which will also be available to other Professionals in the area when not being used. As a former First Tee coach, Ed sees golf as a very broad platform to teach a variety of skills. Ed’s goal is to have all of his programs provide an engaging, self-discovery type of environment to foster a love for the game. He loves to play games, set objectives, and observe students interact with one another in said activities.

Cutalong at Lake Anna (Jack Snyder) – Awarded $1,600

With the Grant Funds, Cutalong at Lake Anna will be purchasing Junior Clubs and SNAG Items that will also be available to other Professionals in the area when not being used. Cutalong Junior Golf Academy led by Master Professional Jack Snyder is the only access to junior golf in the Lake Anna area. In 2023, they will also have junior golf camps that will be open to participants Nationwide. Their junior golf camps expose all skill levels to golf and offer recreational opportunities on the property and on the Lake.

First Tee Greater Baltimore (Billy Bassler/March Klein)– Awarded $750

With the Grant Funds, First Tee Greater Baltimore will be purchasing Flat Hula Hoops, Agility Ladders, and Foam Balls. They serve students in Baltimore City between school, community, and green grass clinics. On an annual basis, each chapter is reviewed by First Tee Home Office and designated a ranking. The scorecard is referred to as “ZONE.,” Zeroing On Chapter Excellence; First Tee Greater Baltimore has been designated Ace or Eagle (top 2 designations) for the past 3 years making them one of the most elite in the country. Their Chapter is honored to be one of the top five chapters in the country out of over 170 chapters internationally. Billy Bassler Life Member in addition to many other MAPGA Professionals help support First Tee Greater Baltimore.

First Tee Roanoke Valley (Bill Rader/Jennifer Blackwood) – Awarded $1,500

With the Grant Funds, First Tee Roanoke Valley will be purchasing Course Enhancements and Youth Program Kit. First Tee Roanoke Valley serves thousands of children in the area annually and provides golf instruction, on-course opportunities, and skill development. Golf is introduced in a safe and fun environment, mostly to children who otherwise may have never been exposed to the game. They conduct programming at their facility in Northwest Roanoke, in partnership with area afterschool programs and in elementary school PE classes. Bill Rader serves as the Program Director for First Tee Roanoke Valley and is the Coach for their PGA Jr. League program.

First Tee West Virginia at Locust Hill GC (Wayne Clark) – Awarded $2,000

With the Grant Funds, First Tee West Virginia at Locust Hill Golf Course will be purchasing Chipping Nets and Junior Clubs. The focus of First Tee West Virginia is to give young people, ages 5-18 of all backgrounds, an opportunity to develop through golf character education and life-enhancing values such as honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship. Through their program at Locust Hill Golf Course led by Wayne Clark, young people not only learn the ingredients of becoming a better golfer but also learn valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude; how to make decisions by thinking about the possible consequences; and how to define and set goals from the golf course to everyday life.

Green Hill Country Club (Rob McDonald) – Awarded $600

With the Grant Funds, Green Hill Country Club will be purchasing SNAG Items that will also be available to other Professionals in the area when not in use. They introduce golf to youngsters attending the Camp Odyssey Summer Day camp located on the property. For 2 1/2 – 3 hours each day camp approximately 50 kids are taken to the practice facilities to learn and practice golf. They also have their own junior clinics through June and July in which they introduce golf to the member’s children and children in the community. Head Golf Professional Rob McDonald has been recognized as the Best Golf Professional in The Metropolitan Magazine for the past few years.

Heritage Oaks Golf Course (David Johns) – Awarded $1,200

With the Grant Funds, Heritage Oaks Golf Course will be purchasing Junior Golf Clubs. Their programs serve the communities of the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Augusta County, Page County, and adjoining areas. Through their program, David Johns uses golf to help promote values and life skills that are also found through The First Tee program (they are a First Tee facility and David has been a First Tee coach previously). They work to develop communication skills, team-building skills, confidence, honesty, sportsmanship, and other core values. They also work on defining goals, how to work toward those goals, overcoming obstacles and adversity, and more.

PMC Golf Academy at Stonewall Golf Club (Patrick McCarthy) – Awarded $1,500

With the Grant Funds, PMC Golf Academy will be purchasing an inflatable that will also be available to other Professionals in the area when not in use. PMC Golf Academy primarily serves golfers and their families in Prince William, Fairfax, and Fauquier counties. They had over 450 junior golfers come through the Academy in 2021. Within the past year, Patrick McCarthy has become a member of the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce and has also written letters of recommendation for at least five of his students applying to colleges, universities, and the National Honor Society. Patrick was also awarded by Inside NOVA: Best of Prince William County Golf Instructor, 2017, 2019.

Prince Georges County Golf Courses (Will Martindale) – Awarded $3,750

With the Grant Funds, the Prince Georges County Golf Courses will be purchasing an inflatable that will also be available to other Professionals in the area when not in use. They serve the community of Prince George’s County on and off the course. Programming is targeted at the approximately 1 million residents of the county. This ranges from experienced golfers who have been playing their courses for many years, as well as beginners and non-golfers. Will manages the programs at all four locations, which include First Tee, PGA Jr League, Operation 36, Youth on Course, and many summer camps are all focused on introducing young golfers to the game and helping them learn to love golf. The focus of their programming is primarily on introductory, beginner, and intermediate programming, with an emphasis on introducing golf to non-traditional populations, and providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to get a solid start in the game of golf.

Prince William Golf Course (Steve Loesher/Scott King) – Awarded $750

With the Grant Funds, Prince William Golf Course will be purchasing Golf Clubs. They serve the greater Prince William County area. The programming at Prince William Golf Course offers a wide variety of programs for all ages and skill levels for juniors as well as hosting 4 high schools. Incorporating sportsmanship rules, etiquette, skill-building/technique, and teamwork through PGA Junior League, academies, and learn & play sessions. For adults, there are programs for all levels from beginners to advance from the range to the golf course. They promote and friendly non-threatening environment. Scott King was a Division 1 Golf Coach for over 20 years and the Director of the U.S. Kids Mid-Atlantic Tour for over 10 years.

The Federal Club (Bret Templeton) – Awarded $500

With the Grant Funds, The Federal Club will be purchasing a U.S. Kids Coaching set and 2 Discover Golf Games. The club primarily serves its membership, but non-members are allowed to participate in some of the programs with no limit like PGA Junior Golf Camps and on a one-time basis Birdie Basics and Junior Op 36 programs. Their program is geared towards the total beginner to the intermediate level golfer. For beginning juniors and adults, the game is presented in a way that is not overwhelming, using the Op 36 system as well as Birdie Basics. Bret also makes sure that playing in fun matches is part of the program so that players can learn to play the game and act appropriately on the golf course.

University of Maryland Golf Course (Gabby Miller) – Awarded $2,650

With the Grant Funds, University of Maryland Golf Course will be purchasing Junior & Adult Pushcarts, Sunday Bags, an Indoor Putting Mat, and Game Setup Supplies. They serve golfers in Prince George County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, DC, and Howard County. University of Maryland Golf Course offers a variety of programs including, First Tee, Operation36, PGA Jr. League, Summer Camps, Get Golf Ready, University Classes and they are a new PGA HOPE location. The facility has two recognized professionals Jeff Maynor, 2019 MAPGA Player Development Award Recipient, and Gabby Miller, 2021 Operation36 Top 50 Coach.

Next2Golf at Wytheville Golf Club (Ryan Lewis) – Awarded $750

With the Grant Funds, Next2Golf will be purchasing Target Circles, Range Targets, Alignment Sticks, Impact Bags, and an Indoor Hitting Net. Next2Golf golf camps are open to kids who are both children of members and of non-members. This gives them the opportunity to bring in more kids who may not have never thought of golf as a hobby. Inclusivity is key to their programs. They are open to anyone who wants to play. Teaching is a circular activity, learning and knowledge are continually passed along, around, and around. Having the chance to interact and do hands-on learning is what Ryan Lewis believes helps kids find and understand the way they learn best.