Written by Ethan Brady

Trillium Rose, PGA – Swing Power

Note: This article originally appeared in The Professional

By Trillium Rose, PGA

As a full-time teacher, I see a lot of swing issues but one of the most common is the inability to maximize one’s potential for power – even with club professionals. Granted, everybody has a different physique and swing, but with a few simple concepts you might see a few more yards. Here are three areas for you to check to see if you can recoup some more distance.

1) Using the ground. By now you have likely heard of “ground reaction forces,” because golf instructors and biomechanists are discussing it on a regular basis. The simple definition is the forces that act in an equal and opposite direction. So when you press down into the ground, the ground presses back up. Although there are exceptions, to maximize your power you’ll need to feel the pressure in your feet early in the transition. Press your trail leg into the ground to push towards the target and your lead leg up to post up. The net effect is a fast rotation of your pelvis to lead off the forward swing.

2) Swing from the inside. If you’re a fader, that’s fine but for longer drives you’ll want to take an inside path and hit on the ball. Tee that ball up high and set up with your torso slightly tilted away from the target. (When you do this be sure you don’t load your weight on the trail foot. Simply bump your hips to the target to evenly distribute the pressure.)

3) Take care of your body. It’s so easy to tell everyone else to stay in shape but what about us? We are standing up or sitting down all day for hours on end. The reality is that as we live on, we don’t get any more flexible or any stronger. You have to work on it. The Titleist TPI screen is a great way to see where you fall on the spectrum of mobility and stability. Find a certified professional in your area and have them run you through the screen. It will be a great diagnostic for you to see what areas are holding you back.