About the APA

The MAPGA Assistant Professional Association (APA) is open to all assistants (A-6 and A-8) and apprentices in the Middle Atlantic Section. The goals of the Association are to provide education opportunities (specific to assistants’ career development), to build community involvement, and to create an environment that allows assistants to establish new relationships and enhance their professional development.

The APA also organizes a tournament program for its members. The tournament schedule consists of a variety of events and concludes with a Tour Championship and Independence Cup against the Philly PGA APA.

APA Membership
The membership fee is $70. APA membership is limited to A-6 or A-8 MAPGA members and all MAPGA apprentices in good standing. APA membership is required to play in any APA tournaments (except the Open events).

Registration for APA Membership and the 2017 APA Schedule coming soon.

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AHEAD MAPGA-APA Apprentice Scholarships
Recognizing that the cost of the PGA Professional Golf Management (PGM) program is a major concern, the APA and the MAPGA have worked together to develop a scholarship program to annually award those apprentice assistants who finish at the top of each PGA PGM program level. The AHEAD MAPGA-APA Scholarships are awarded to the top four finishers at each level who are members of the APA and meet the following eligibility criteria:
A-6, A-8 members and apprentices must meet the following requirements:

1) Must be a registered member of the MAPGA Assistant Professional Association (APA)
2) Must participate in at least two (2) of the following by December 31st:

  • APA Tournament (must complete the round and turn in a scorecard)
  • APA Education Seminar
  • APA Meeting
  • Section or Chapter Membership Meeting
  • Section specific education seminars (MAPGA Teaching Summit, those adjacent to Section meetings)

***If more than 4 people from each level meet the criteria, the members that scored the highest on the tests will receive the scholarship.

APA Officers

Brian Dix, PGA
Section A-8 Director
University of Maryland Golf Club

Matt Liebler, PGA
Southern Chapter A-8 Director
Princess Anne Country Club
(757) 679-3224

Michael Mauk, PGA
Central Chapter A-8 Director
Belle Haven Country Club
(703) 329-5264

Mike Wood, PGA
Northern Chapter A-8 Director
Baltimore Country Club