Important Changes for 2019

  1. We have a new event this year – The MAPGA Stroke Play Championship. This POY points event is open to all members and associates in good standing and will take place in conjunction with the Head Professional Championship.  The Teaching Professional Championship has been removed.  There will be a separate entry fee for the Head Professional Championship for those eligible, and those eligible can play in both concurrent events.
  2. The MAPGA TopGolf Challenge has been expanded to the Virginia Beach facility as well as Loudoun. You may play at either facility on Wednesday, March 13 to compete for the championship.
  3. The format of the Pro-Scratch has changed in hopes of improving Pace of Play. The Pro-Scratch IS a POY points event for 2019.  The format will be Stableford scoring and there will be a Professional Purse, an Amateur Purse, and a Team Aggerate Purse. In the Stableford scoring, scores higher than bogey, the players can pick up and move to the next hole.
  4. The Players Pool will now be $100 for all events. This was done to increase the prize amount for some, while not discouraging others to play in events.
  5. If you have not signed up for Direct Deposit, we strongly consider you doing so. Direct Deposit eliminates the chances of a lost check and you will receive your Tournament Winnings within five days of the event.  If you have already signed up for Direct Deposit, you DO NOT have to sign up again using this form.  To sign up using a simple online form, please click HERE, then select “Direct Deposit Form”.   We hope to eliminate paper checks within the next 2 years!
  6. Players can’t change divisions after the deadline of events. This was done to eliminate people changing divisions after the deadline which therefore could eliminate an entire division when there were no longer enough players to have a certain division.
  7. There have been some adjustments made to the Player of the Year points schedule. In 2019, there will no longer be Player of the Year Points awarded for the set of MAPGA Assistant Pro Championship, MAPGA Head Pro Championship and MAPGA Teaching Pro Championship (event removed). The MAPGA Stroke Play will be an open event and this event will replace those Player of the Year points.


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