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Leo Steinbrecher is recognized as one of the most important leaders in the MAPGA’s history. This is especially true for the 1960s when he served as President of the Virginia Association of Golf Professionals and Vice President of the Middle Atlantic PGA.

Growing up during the Great Depression in Richmond’s West End, Leo and his older brother Tony started out as caddies at the Country Club of Virginia’s Westhampton course. Coming from a family with five sons and three daughters, Leo and his siblings contributed to the family coffer as much as possible in those lean years.

As a young man, Leo shagged balls at .25 cents a bag for Bobby Cruickshank when the “Wee Scot” gave lessons. When Leo turned 12 years old in 1941, he won the Junior Caddie Tournament at the Country Club of Virginia. Cruickshank awarded him $5, a tidy sum in 194,1 and two old Willie Ogg clubs from the back of the pro shop. Leo swung for hours in his back yard. He later met Willie Ogg in 1957 at the first PGA School at Dunedin. Athletically he shined at Thomas Jefferson High School in all sports, so excelling at golf did not surprise anyone.

Following World War II he accepted the assistant’s position at Glenwood GC to Jim Reynolds who re-opened the course after the War. Then Jim Reynolds built Monacan Hills in 1949-1950. Service in the U.S. Army took Leo from Richmond to Europe during the Korean War. When he returned, Leo accepted an assistant position at the Country Club of Virginia to Darrell Napier in 1955. At the time, other assistants included George Bird and Freddie Christian. In 1956, Jim Reynolds offered Leo Steinbrecher the Monacan Hills head PGA Professional position. Four years later the name changed to Richmond CC.

During 1964–1966, Leo served as President of the Virginia Association of Golf Professionals (VAGP). For many years, some golf professionals in Virginia held VAGP membership, but not PGA membership. Leo Steinbrecher, Bill Clarke, Bill Strausbaugh and Carl Rasnic formulated the agreement which gained PGA membership for the non-PGA guys. They entered the MAPGA as full members and at the time created the Virginia Chapter of the MAPGA in 1966. Leo Steinbrecher held the Presidency of the Virginia Chapter for three years, 1967-1969.

In his playing career, Leo won the 1991 MAPGA Quarter Century Championship. Some twenty years earlier, in 1970, he made the final match in the Section Match Play Championship at Rolling Road. In 1979, Wade Briggs and Leo won the Virginia Chapter of the MAPGA Two-Man Championship. In 1993, he won the Middle Atlantic Senior Open at Chantilly National. Leo played in two Senior PGA Championships and in the 1984 U.S. Senior Open at Oak Hill. He also played in the PGA Tour stop at Greensboro twice and in an Eastern Open at Mt. Pleasant. One of his proud moments came in a U.S. Open qualifier at CCV, James River, where he shot 76-67. In the second round he hit all 18 greens in regulation.

In a long and distinguished career characterized by leadership and commitment, Leo Steinbrecher received the 1972 MAPGA Golf Professional of the Year Award and the 1984 Virginia Chapter of the MAPGA Golf Professional of the Year Award. Leo Steinbrecher was the 4th person inducted into the Dewar’s Hall of Fame for Virginia Golf Professionals. In 1987, the MAPGA awarded Leo Steinbrecher the prestigious Bill Strausbaugh Award.
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