Holley, Wayne (2012)

About Holley, Wayne (2012)


Big Lick Golf, Roanoke, Virginia
Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Wayne Holley’s contributions to the MAPGA are held in such high regard that they bestowed him Hall of Fame recognition.  First, as an officer in the Virginia Chapter, then followed by an ascendancy to MAPGA Presidency is the hallmark of his career.  Furthermore, once his presidential terms ended, he has remained an integral member of the Board of Control and steadfastly supports the organization.

His golf career began as a 12 year-old caddy.  He continued during high school, but also supervised the club storage facility and ultimately became the caddie master at Hidden Valley.  After high school graduation in 1961, Wayne turned professional as the Assistant Professional to Clyde Johnson, Head PGA Professional at Hidden Valley Country Club.

In 1963, his break of a lifetime came by accepting an Assistant Professional position to PGA of America and MAPGA Hall of Fame member, Max Elbin, at the Burning Tree Club.  Three years later, he had earned his PGA membership but more importantly became the Head PGA Professional at Roanoke Country Club, where he remained for 25 years, until 1991.

“Any success that I have had and have now, I attribute to three things: Max, Max and Max.  He is quoted saying that taught him the importance of maintaining a professional attitude concerning every aspect of my life’s and to always do my best.  This has become my life philosophy.  My golf philosophy centers on the basic fundamentals of golf.   As in golf or life, without the basic fundamentals, we cannot reach our potential.

In 1991, a vision of developing, maintaining and opening a facility that would allow the public access to learning swing techniques and etiquette from a PGA Professional through private lessons and clinics provided a new focus for his career.  Subsequently the BIG LICK GOLF Learning Center and Driving Range opened in 1993.During the course of his career MAPGA colleagues awarded him numerous awards, notably the Section’s highest honor, Professional of the Year, in 1993.  However, he also received the Bill Strausbaugh Award for Employment efforts in 1981 and the Horton Smith Award for Education in 1984.

Wayne has also been recognized through his selection into two other Halls of Fame, both in 1990.  Induction into the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame and the Dewars Hall of Fame for Virginia Golf Professionals came that year.

Wayne is proud of quite a few success stories over the years.  In 1974, he succeeded in establishing the Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame, along with amateur Walter S. “Buddy” Clement.  This project unified eight Roanoke Valley golf clubs through the planning and coordination of an annual golf tournament, including divisions for men, women, juniors and seniors.

He also directed and was primarily responsible for the establishment and organization of the Scott Robertson Memorial Junior Golf Tournament. This event began in 1984 as a state event and has grown into a national tournament enjoyed by over 160 of the nation’s top junior golfers.

During his Presidency, Wayne was heavily involved in the daily operations of the Section.  He was instrumental in the growth of the Section’s Handicap program by supporting, promoting and overseeing the administrative development and growth of the cooperative handicap service program between the MAPGA and the state golf associations of both Virginia and Maryland. Since its inception in 1986, the program has experienced uninterrupted success.

As recognized by his 1981 Strausbaugh Award, Wayne worked diligently to improve the employment arena for PGA professionals in the Roanoke Valley and western part of the state. He often negotiated contracts between PGA members and their golf clubs.

Wayne has been married to his wife, Barbara, for more than fifty years.  The only time they lived outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia was in Bethesda, Maryland, when Wayne was at Burning Tree Club. They have three children: Brad, Chad and Pam; and eight grandchildren: Candace, Bradley, Megan, Marissa, Jesse, Chandler, Garrett and Ann Carole.