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Army Navy Country Club - Arlington

To the Men and Women of the Middle Atlantic PGA,

Almost two years ago, you elected me to serve on the MAPGA Board of Directors as the Director-at-Large member of that body. It was and continues to be the greatest honor I have received in more than 30 years as a Member of the PGA of America, and I can’t thank you enough for the trust and confidence you expressed to me by that election.

Today I am asking for your continued trust and confidence – in fact an even greater level of faith in my experience and leadership than before – as I ask you for your vote to become the next Secretary of the Middle Atlantic PGA.

I enter this race because two years ago I realized that governance of our association is not “somebody else’s” job. It is our job. So by extension that means it’s my job. That realization led me to my first ever service position in our Association – the one I hold today as your Director-at-Large.

Joining this ballot is my offer of continued service to you, the current and future members of the Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA of America. Along with this offer of service I present a very simple platform – that every conversation we have and every decision we make should begin and end with two simple questions. Are we making the lives of our members better? Are we growing the game? These questions get to the core purposes of our Association as I see it and will be the guiding principles behind which I should hope to lead if given the opportunity.

During the weeks ahead I will share more detailed information with you regarding my career, life experience and the personal values that I believe make me qualified for this position – and perhaps those beyond. For now though, please know that the decision to seek this office did not come without much critical self-examination or without much encouragement and support from several individuals who I believe are critical to my success if elected. I understand the commitment required by this job and I am prepared to dedicate the time and energy required to execute this office on your behalf. And I am pleased to report that I have the full support of my family, my boss, club governance, and my staff team to allow me the freedom and flexibility necessary to do the work of our Section – to represent you at every level and in every context for as long as you would have me to serve.

Thank you for your consideration, your continued trust, and for your vote.

Greg Scott, PGA
Director of Golf
Army Navy Country Club