2021 Grant Application

The 2021 Application is now Closed. The 2022 Application will open in the fall.

2020 Player Development Grant Recipients

Every Body Golf School – Awarded $2,500

With the Grant Funds Every Body Golf School will be purchasing golf clubs to use while teaching beginner juniors who don’t have their own clubs. The Every Body Golf School has developed golfers of all ages and abilities for 22 years. They have had a robust junior program teaching SNAG, beginning juniors, intermediate juniors, juniors attending week-long camps, and week-long players camps. Each program teaches rules and etiquette in addition to golf playing skills.

 Ford’s Colony Country Club – Awarded $3,500

With the Grant Funds Ford’s Colony Country Club with be purchasing a Golfzilla, that will also be available to other facilities in the area, and golf clubs. Ford’s Colony has a growing Junior golf program and have made strides in the last year adding new programs to continue to grow and build the Juniors. They have started a Winter League that was 20 players last year and doubled it this year to 40 participants. They also run a Junior League program that has been very successful. Along with Junior League Ford’s Colony also runs camps and mini camps that allow juniors the opportunity to work throughout the summer on their game.

 Gauntlet Golf Club – Awarded $1,980

With the Grant Funds Gauntlet Golf Club will be purchasing Golf Grips and Golf Clubs. The golf grips will help them achieve their goal to “Commit to providing 100 clubs to junior golfers through the program “Clubs for Kids”. They have a large inventory in donated and lost and found clubs that can be cut down per size and given out at local events with a proper grip. The golf clubs will meet their objective: “To create opportunities for juniors to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf using size appropriate clubs”. Many of their juniors come to camp without clubs and parents are not yet ready to commit to purchasing.

Golf School for Women at Olney Park – Awarded $750

With the Grant Funds Golf School for Women will be purchasing Golf Clubs, a Striker Board, Face Aimer and Etiquette Items. The value is at the end of their classes, the participants will feel they really know what golf is all about, and they will understand all the different aspects of the game. These items will help them have more fun when they play, and they will be confident that they are playing by the rules and with proper etiquette.

Hidden Valley Country Club – Awarded $500

With the Grant Funds Hidden Valley Country Club will purchase Birdie Balls and Strike Mats to use with the Golfzilla in the area. The Golfzilla is used among all clubs in the Roanoke Valley to provide as entertainment and teaching opportunities for men’s, women’s and junior programs.

Birdie-Ball and Golfzilla make golf fun and easy! Participants that have hit a Birdie-ball love how easy it is to get up in the air and enjoy the challenge of hitting at the dinosaur. The ease of hitting the ball encourages students to keep working on their game and shows how much fun golf can be, at any level.

Musket Ridge Golf Club – Awarded $3,000

With the Grant Funds Musket Ridge will be purchasing Family Tee Markers, Family Tee Indicators, Sonix Range Targets and a galvanized round tank target. The focus of their program is not only improving student’s abilities on the course but creating a learning environment that leads to improving the core values of each young player. They now offer a junior program that has a clear progression chart. A big part of each achievable level is understanding and demonstrating the rules and etiquette of the game.

Prince George’s County Golf Courses – Awarded $3,760

With the Grant Funds Prince Georges County Golf Courses will be purchasing a variety of junior golf sets and Eyeline Roll the Rock Putting Mats. The primary objective of their programming is to make golf as accessible as possible to the residents of Prince George’s County, MD, regardless of their income level or socio-economic status. They had a great deal of success in 2019 with recruiting juniors to PGA Junior League. However, found that about half of the juniors did not have golf clubs. Their goal is to have enough clubs for every junior that wishes to participate. They will be kept at the course (either Paint Branch, Enterprise, or Henson Creek) for the juniors to use for practice and for matches.

Prospect Bay Country Club – Awarded $1,000

With the Grant Funds Prospect Bay CC will be purchasing a variety of SNAG Equipment. Their program helps develop skills and values by letting students participate in both single play and team play. While engaged in single play juniors learn the importance of honesty while keeping their own score as well as other skills that golf helps build. The team aspect of the program helps juniors learn to share and work together toward their goal. Prospect Bays biggest objective is to improve our junior golf camps. Introducing very young juniors directly to golf can be challenging and easing them into it via SNAG is an excellent way to overcome that barrier.

Springfield Golf & Country Club – Awarded $2,500

With the Grant Funds Springfield G&CC will be purchasing a Large SNAG Coaching Kit. One of their goals for 2020 and beyond is to engage our junior golfers 12 months of the year. They do not have an indoor facility to hit golf balls, so this can be challenging. They plan to use SNAG golf equipment indoors in the clubhouse to continue our programming options throughout the winter months when the weather can be uncooperative for golf outside. In season SNAG golf equipment would give them the opportunity to engage the under 6-year-old junior golfers throughout the year as well.

The First Tee of Prince William County – $1,480

With the Grant Funds TFT of Prince William County will be purchasing E-Golf Rings, Pin Flags, Mini-Sticka, Portable Targets and Grips. Their participants ages range from 4-18 serving more than 20,000 youth in Prince William County. Through the First Tee Life Skills Experience, young people build confidence, develop respect and appreciate the value of giving back to their community, all while learning the lifelong sport of golf. The First Tee curriculum focuses more on doing and less on talking. It provides drills and games that allow the participants the room to experiment and share ideas to find the best ways for them to improve and learn. Their facilities are open to all, regardless of age, race, gender, or skill levels.

University of Maryland Golf Course – $1,825

With the Grant Funds the University of Maryland Golf Course will be purchasing an Inflatable Dart Board to be available to other facilities in the area, Birdie Balls, and a portable/reusable Junior Golf Scoreboard. Their programming includes, The First Tee, PGA Junior League and Junior Play Days. The University of Maryland Junior Golf Program aims to provide programs for juniors of all skill levels. The goal is to make golf accessible and available to all juniors in their community through creative programming. Through golf, they strive to create learning environments where juniors can develop their physical and mental game to use on an off the course.

Winters Run Golf Club – Awarded $1,500

With the Grant Funds Winters Run Golf Club will be purchasing a variety of SNAG Equipment. Throughout the years Winters Run Golf Clubs player development offerings have continued to grow. Their programming includes PGA Junior League, week-long junior clinics, summer camps and high school performance clinics. They had over 65 players come through the programs last year, gained 4 members from PGA Junior League, and by allowing friends of members to join other programs another 2 memberships came about.



Claire Jansa, PGA

MAPGA Player Development Coordinator