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Player Development Grant

Player Development Grant


Claire Jansa, PGA
MAPGA Player Development Coordinator







2021 Player Development Grant Recipients

Baltimore Golf Academy – Awarded $1,880
With the Grant Funds Baltimore Golf Academy will be purchasing grips, drivers, a Wittek Practice Net, putting mirrors, pool noodles, alignment sticks, and yard sticks. They serve anyone from the public and have taught over 500 juniors and 500 adults in 2020. Baltimore Golf Academy serves the city of Baltimore as well as Central Maryland (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties, and also Washington, DC.) They offer a healthy activity that challenges player physically and mentally. The game of golf teaches values such as respect, honesty, and discipline.

Bretton Woods Recreation Center – Awarded $1,010
With the Grant Funds Bretton Woods Recreation Center with be purchasing U.S. Kids Clubs, 360 putting mirrors, and target circles. Bretton Woods is incredibly unique in that their membership is from all over the world. Being affiliated with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other international organizations, our membership is continually in and out of the country. Most of our membership resides in the DC Metro area. Since there are limited large grassy areas in the city, they look to Bretton Woods for a nature escape and near-by getaway. Our program helps to develop the skills and values of our participants in several ways; truths and fundamentals, game-based learning, and the challenges of golf and the relation to challenges in life.

Bulle Rock Golf Course – Awarded $1,500
With the Grant Funds Bulle Rock Golf Course will be purchasing U.S. Kids Tees and other Teaching Aids. Bulle Rock has a residential community of approximately 650 Homes in addition to the local city. Over the past few years they have been increasing the involvement of the golfing community and there is a great opportunity to grow the game of golf there. Bulle Rock Golf Course aims to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn how to play golf more effectively and efficiently in a safe and fun environment.

Chartwell Golf & Country Club – Awarded $2,500
With the Grant Funds Chartwell Golf & Country Club will be purchasing U.S. Kids Clubs and SNAG Equipment. Registrants in the programs are children and grandchildren of the 400+ golfing members of Chartwell. Their youth golf programs aim to satisfy the club’s mission to “Provide premiere recreational, dining, and social experiences to members and their guests within a setting that fosters fun, friendship, and family values.” Built into the various programs are golf’s inherent values of honesty, respect, integrity, and sportsmanship. Instructors are both ADM certified and US Kids Certified and can provide continuous development in age appropriate ways.

CoachEd Golf Instruction – Awarded $600
With the Grant Funds CoachEd Golf Instruction will be purchasing a Birdie Ball Duffle Set and Discover Golf Game Kit. Ed Gill is an independent contractor at The Dominion Club, so a majority of his clients are members, however he has a handful of clients who are not members. He will also be seeking opportunities to get more involved in outside entities such as schools, YMCA programs and others. As a former First Tee coach, Ed sees golf as a very broad platform to teach a variety of skills. Ed’s goal is to have all of his programs provide an engaging, self-discovery type of environment to foster a love for the game. He loves to play games, set objectives and observe student interact with one another and said activities.

Coppermine Junior Golf Camp at Eagle’s Nest Country Club – Awarded $1,000
With the Grant Funds Coppermine Junior Golf Camp will be purchasing U.S. Kids clubs. Eagle’s Nest Country Club junior camps and free clinics are open to nonmembers and members alike all the way to their free family clinic that they offer to members and nonmembers as well. They do this to provide exposure to the club and to offer them an amenity that they usually don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of. Eagle’s Nests programs aim to not only develop juniors in the game of golf but to also teach them life lessons that will carry with them forever. Their programs aim to include all skill levels to grow the game, this exposes some juniors to playing with skill levels that they wouldn’t normally play with, and that is okay, we are trying to break that barrier.

First Tee Greater Washington, DC – Awarded $3,067.50
With the Grant Funds First Tee Greater Washington, DC will be purchasing U.S. Kids Clubs, Eyeline Golf Targets and Putt 18 Mats. First Tee Greater Washington, DC serves the community in multiple ways. Through the Schools Program, they work with over 230 schools in their territory. The Life Skills and Leadership Program brings participants one of their 25 program locations throughout the area. This program is open to anyone in the community ages 7-18. They do not turn anyone down if they do not have equipment or are unable to pay. Through our outreach within the community, we focus on groups that would typically not have access to golf or a golf course. First Tee has a curriculum that seamlessly integrates learning golf with character development. Within each level of the program participants learn golf skills that are appropriate to their age.

First Tee Prince William County – Awarded $1,250
With the Grant Funds First Tee Prince William County will be purchasing Junior Clubs. They serve all families in Prince William County and their programs are available to all. First Tee Prince William County goes into local elementary schools, activity centers and Boys & Girls clubs to teach golf. First Tee is founded on developing 9 Core Values: Confidence, Respect, Judgement, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance. Each day they pair up a golf skill with a life skill and show how golf is more than a game. they also share these lessons with the parents to show how we are developing the next generation into better members of our community.

First Tee West Virginia at Locust Hill Golf Course – Awarded $2,500
With the Grant Funds First Tee West Virginia at Locust Hill will be purchasing a SNAG Coaching Kit. First Tee West Virginia at Locust Hill Golf Course serves juniors ages 5-18 in their area. The focus of First Tee West Virginia is to give young people, ages 5-18, of all backgrounds an opportunity to develop, through golf, character education, and life-enhancing values such as honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. These lessons for life are taught through a variety of golf-related activities designed with the primary goal of having fun. Participants learn about themselves and others through a range of experiences enhancing their golf skills as well as their fundamental values for life. As their opportunities on the golf course expand, so do the opportunities for their futures.

Fox Hollow Training Center – Awarded $1,200
With the Grant Funds Fox Hollow Training Center will be purchasing a Mini-Rix Inflatable that will also be available to other facilities in the area. Fox Hollow serves the local community of Baltimore county and the surrounding counties. But their primary focus is on juniors (boys and girls) ages 6-17. Their instructors preach safety and etiquette as well as golf instruction. Fox Hollow instructors’ main goal is to have fun and make the program one that the participants will tell their friends about.

Heritage Oaks Golf Course – Awarded $1,250
With the Grant Funds Heritage Oaks Golf Course will be purchasing SNAG Equipment. Their programs serve the communities of the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Augusta County, Page County, and adjoining areas. While most of their programs are on-course, they will be looking to add more outreach programs throughout the community. Heritage Oaks programs are designed to not only equip golfers with each aspect of the game (full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, strategy/course management, playing the course, rules, etiquette, and more), but also with life skills that are inherent to the game of golf. We work to integrate golf skills and life skills in each of our programs, particularly core values and life skills that are taught through First Tee.

Lake Monticello Golf Course – Awarded $990
With the Grant Funds the Lake Monticello Golf Course will be purchasing an Ladies Edge Golf Clubs. They serve the Lake Monticello residential community along with Fluvanna County and their programming is targeted to women and juniors. Lake Monticello’s program develops golf skills through games/drills, feedback, and repetition. A relationship is established between the instructor and student that provides a safe environment for the free exchange of ideas/input/and feedback. Players are provided a road map for success. The instructor and student work together to progress along the road map. Through repetition and modeling from the instructor a culture of these values permeates the program.

Play Golf DC – Awarded $1,853
With the Grant Funds Play Golf DC will be purchasing Family Tee Markers, Chip-Tac-Toe and Chipping Nets. Junior programming at the three courses serves the DC Metro Area. Many of their golfers travel from Maryland and Virginia. We serve golfers from the age of 6 to 17, at all different skill levels and socioeconomic classes due to the relative affordability of many of their programs, they also work with First Tee. Play Golf DC programming helps develop the athletic skills required to play the game of golf. They do this through fun and confidence-building instruction, led by PGA Professionals and USGTF certified instructors. The instructors use a variety of different techniques and drills to best fit the needs of the students.

Roanoke County Outreach of First Tee Roanoke Valley – Awarded $900
With the Grant Funds Roanoke County Outreach of First Tee Roanoke Valley will be purchasing a variety of SNAG Equipment. Scott Frasier has been involved with juniors specific to golf who desire to play on their high school team, juniors who are athletes in other sports but like being with their friends at the golf course, juniors coming thru the Rockbridge Area Recreational Organization and thru time spent in the local elementary and middle schools PE classes he has been able to put a golf club in 1000’s of kids hands. With the teaching implementation of the core values and additional learning presented in ‘goal setting’, ‘mentoring’, ‘hit and review’, ‘pre-shot routine’, and other teachable moments the First Tee program can encourage and develop golf skills and life applicable skills such as courtesy, honesty, etc.

Salute Military Golf Association – Awarded $980
With the Grant Funds Salute Military Golf Association will be purchasing Eyeline Target Circles and Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirrors. Salute Military Golf Association chapters across the country, the SMGA Maryland chapter serves veterans from the DC Metro area and primarily Veterans that come from Walter Reed Military Hospital. In introducing a life time sport to Veterans, they are getting many physical benefits rebuilding hand-eye coordination and developing different muscle groups. However, the mental aspect of the game is probably even more significant. Whether it’s getting the ball in the air for the first time or breaking 80, golfers are always setting new goals. Especially for veterans with PTSD, this goal-setting can provide the
motivation to get out of bed each day.

Spring Creek Golf Club – Awarded $1,000
With the Grant Funds Spring Creek Golf Club will be purchasing SNAG Equipment. Spring Creek Golf Club serves their gated community and local counties both on course and on their practice facilities. Their junior program provides instruction during three different seasons each year. During the spring and fall, they offer after school classes for several different age groups (4-5, 6-9, and 10 & older) as well as a fun, inclusive competition once per week. Every age group is taught in different ways using the ADM’s recommendations. Their summer camp program is the most participated program each year with have at least 20 juniors per camp and typically average anywhere between 5 to 10 new golfers each summer.

The Academy at Bowling Green – Awarded $1,500

With the Grant Funds The Academy at Bowling Green will be purchasing U.S. Kids Clubs, Short-Golf Equipment, Inflatable Golf Targets to also be available to other facilities in the area. The Academy at Bowling Green serves the course’s members, families and golfers from the surrounding areas. Bowling Green Country Club serves various Junior tours, camps and events to include MAPGA, PGA Juniors, LPGA “Girls Only”, VSGA, PKBGT, US Kids Tour and Hurricane Junior Tour. In addition, Bowling Green County Club has recently received the honor of being a host site for the First Tee of Shenandoah Valley. The Academy at Bowling Green helps shape Junior golfers from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect, confidence and perseverance through the game of golf. The program begins with fundamentals and works with individual students based upon their skill level.