CPP Two-Day Workshop

Golf Operations Workshop | Feb. 28th  – March 1st | Middle Atlantic PGA Section Office

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday

Members earn 16 PGA Required MSR Credits

Lunch provided both days


The PGA of America’s Education Team is offering PGA Professionals a unique opportunity to complete
the course work required for Certification in a dynamic group learning environment. Over 2 intensive
days, we will work through the required courses in the chosen CPP career path.

What’s covered: The two-day (16 hour) program will cover all courses within the career path except the
Revenue Management and Simulation course work in a workshop setting. The Business Simulation will
be played as well.

• $350 – Includes One-year library subscription (payable on PGA.org)
• $100 – Project fee (Paid online at the time of project proposal submission)

Pre-requisite: Purchase the Certification course library at PGA.org. No coursework is required to be completed prior
to attending.

Fill out Registration below (Also purchase $350 library subscription at PGA.org)
• Attend 2-day workshop (Feb. 28th and March 1st at the MAPGA Office)
• Complete five (5) Revenue Management Courses*
• Complete two (2) Simulations of your choice *
• PGA Members in good standing may complete the Project ($100) and earn Certification.

Complete the Team-Based Simulation
*Attendees may elect to complete the Revenue Management and Simulation courses either before or
after attending the workshop.

The PGA’s Certified Professional Program (CPP) is an online, career-enhancing educational curriculum
that supports the goals of PGA members who are committed to continuously improving their business
and teaching skills to meet the increasing demands of the golf industry. This online approach ensures
“on-demand” access when your schedule permits, while reducing time and travel costs associated with
traditional classes.

The program offers four certifications:
• General Management
• Golf Operations
• Teaching & Coaching
• Player Development
that follow the seven defined career paths (Golf Operations, Teaching & Coaching, General
Management, Executive Management, Retail, Ownership/Leasing and Player Development) of a PGA

Requirements of the Certified Professional Program include:
• Select your career path.
• Complete all assigned reading and course work. The courses to complete will be listed once a career
path is selected.
• Complete a project that summarizes the impact and enhanced performance gained on the job as a
result of your training and development in the certification of your choice.
• All PGA members will be able to complete the Certified Program, except for class F members. Class F
members may purchase the CPP library and complete courses, but cannot become Certified until after
transfer out of Class F.

Once Certification is achieved, members are encouraged to continue their education in the Master
Professional Program. This program is The PGA of America’s highest designation, and is comprised of an
extensive project based on the specific certification previously acquired. PGA Professionals must have
eight years of PGA membership to achieve PGA Master Professional status.

Strategic Management Solutions
The PGA has designed and developed simulation interventions to enable PGA Professionals to
understand real world golf situations aligned with a primary focus on improving marketing and sales at
a golf facility.
The simulation of real-world scenarios has long been used effectively and strategically as a method for
business training. Presenting learners with situations that resemble ones they might be confronted with
is what constitutes experiential learning. Participants can be expected to:
• retain learned information better
• learn immediately how to apply that information to the real challenges they will face in the
• learn what kinds of challenges they are preparing to face
• engage creatively with the learning process
All of the above offers benefits that traditional rote learning often does not.

Team Based Business Solution
The PGA Business Management “team-based” Simulation is a virtual management challenge that gives
an individual the opportunity to control a realistic golf club – either Public or Private. Working in a team,
members will make facility-wide decisions while competing for customers and profit in a specific market
against as many as 4 other teams in the session. These simulations have been developed to enhance a
PGA Professional’s ability to successfully improve business performance at their public or private facility.
Member Business Simulation Workshops are designed to enhance the strategic management skills of
PGA Members and to support critical aspects of problem solving, team-building, and sales and
marketing which can lead to a stronger and more sustainable business.

For additional questions regarding the Certified Professional Program, please contact the PGA’s
Education Department at 866.866.3382 option 6 or via e-mail at: PGACPP2Mentor@pgahq.com .

PORT ST. LUCIE - NOVEMBER 12: Ryan Zylstra acknowledges the gallery after making his winning putt during Final Round of the 41st National Car Rental Assistant PGA Professional Championship held at PGA Golf Club on November 12, 2017 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. (Photo by Traci Edwards/PGA of America)
Joo, Yong
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - NOVEMBER 18: Brendan McGrath hits his shot on the 15th hole during the second round for the Senior PGA Professional Championship held at PGA Golf Club on November 18, 2016 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/PGA of America)
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - NOVEMBER 17: Rick Schuller hits his tee shot on the sixth hole during the first round for the Senior PGA Professional Championship held at PGA Golf Club on November 17, 2016 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/PGA of America)
Touma, Ricky