1. Spectators are allowed to carry water, umbrellas, jackets, towels and food for the players. Spectators may leave any of these items near the cart path for the player’s to pick up as they pass by. Spectators must remain 30 yards away from the players but can watch them putt while on the green in the cart path is more than 30 yards away.

2. Spectators may not carry a player’s golf bag and/or clubs.

3. In the past we have permitted spectators to assist in searching for player’s golf balls, however we have decided to not allow this practice this season. Spectators must remain on the cart path (or in the rough if there are not cart paths) at all times. Do not walk in the fairway or on the putting green at any time.

4. Cellular phones, pagers and other similar electronic devices must be turned off while on the competition course. This does not mean you are permitted to set your phone to “vibrate” or “silent.” This means the phone/pager/device must be completely turned off while on the course. If you must conduct business via phone, you may do so in the parking lot.

5. Spectators are not permitted to give advice to, nor carry on any type of conversation with players for any reason. This action will be construed as “Advice,” and includes conversations not spoken in English. Advice is any counsel or suggestion, which could influence a player in determining his/her play, the choice of club or the method of making a stroke.

6. Spectators are to remain outside the scoring area at all times. These rules are in effect until the player has turned in his/her scorecard and has left the scoring area. You are not permitted to converse with the players while they are completing the scoring process. You are permitted to keep score of the group for your records only. The player is responsible for keeping score for themselves and their fellow competitor. The official scorecard should never touch the hand of a spectator.

Penalty For Breach of Any Rule

  • First Offense: Spectator will receive a verbal warning. Notice of this warning will be kept on file at all remaining events.
  • Second Offense: Spectator will be asked to leave the golf course immediately. No exceptions. If a spectator does not leave the course or attempts to return to the course, the associated player will be disqualified and asked to leave the course. The spectator will be banned from all remaining events.

Note: The First Offense verbal warning will be carried over for the remainder of the season. The next offense, be it at the same event or a later event, will result in the penalty indicated in the Second Offense paragraph above.