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The Mini Mulligans is for junior golfers ages 5 to 10 who want to gain experience with tournament golf in a friendly and competitive environment. The tour uses a modified set of rules to make the game fun for young players. Medals are awarded for the top 5 finishers in each age group.

The tour will consist of two separate 9 Hole Divisions:

Age 5-7 Division | Age 8-10 Division

Membership: $40

Entry Fee for each Event: $35

Summer Event Registration opens March 14th.

Each Event Includes:

  • Complimentary access to all practice facilities before

  • the round tee prizes for all participants

  • medals for the top-5 finishers in each division

  • lunch following the event

Tournaments for Summer 2019:

  • 14 events in the Greater DC & Baltimore region

  • Two (2) events in Richmond

  • A tour championship at the end of the summer, open to any golfer that wins a medal at any event throughout the summer


Competitors will play a nine-hole course from the Mulligan Tees. The distances will be:

  • Par 3 (50 – 100 yards)

  • Par 4 (120 – 180 yards)

  • Par 5 (200 – 250 yards)


Participants are allowed to have a caddie.

Pull/push carts are allowed for use. Power carts will also be available for spectators for a charge determined by the golf course. Caddies must walk with the player, and power carts cannot be used to caddie.

Dress Code:

  • All boys shirts must have collars, and all girl shirts must be golf appropriate, and may or may not have collars and sleeves

  • T-shirts are not allowed

  • No blue jeans or cutoffs

  • During tournaments, all participants must wear close-toed shoes

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