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The Middle Atlantic PGA Reaches more than 2,500 junior golfers annually. We believe that the values and skills learned through junior golf can positively impact a child for the rest of their life. We accomplish this by offering six different tournament programs that not only help grow this great game but teach kids the value of integrity and sportsmanship.

Mini Mulligans

2020 Mini Mulligans Tour Membership: $60

9-Hole Events: $35

Recommended Score: Any

Coed 5-7 Division

Distance: 1,400-1,700 yards

Coed 8-10 Division

Distance: 1,400-1,700 yards

Intro Tour

9-Hole Events: $35

Avg Score for 9: 50+

Boys 9-14 Division

Distance: 2,300-2,700 yards

Girls 9-14 Division

Distance: 1,900-2,300 yards

Patriot Division

(AGES 9 -18)

2020 Junior Tour Membership: $120

18-Hole Events: $65 each


Recommended Scoring Average 85 or Above

Distance:5,500-5,900 yards


Recommended Scoring Average 88 or Above

Distance: 4,900-5,300 yards

Championship Division

2020 Junior Tour Membership: $120

18-Holes: $65

36-Holes: $130

Boys 16-18

Recommended Scoring Average 82 or Below

Distance:6,400-6,900 yards

Boys 13-15

Recommended Scoring Average 84 or Below

Distance: 6,100-6,600

Girls 16-18 

Recommended Scoring Average 87 or Below

Distance: 5,600-6,000 yards 

Girls 13-15

Recommended Scoring Average 87 or Below

Distance: 5,400-6,000

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