2020 Billy Hurley III Scholarship Application
DEADLINE November 15th, 2020

If Available
If Available
If No, please see next question.
U.S. Citizen Follow-up Question
If yes, then please upload copies of tax returns

Supporting Documents

PLEASE UPLOAD THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AS A SINGLE FILE: Copies of the tax returns, two letters of reference (one of which should be from a current teacher or professor), a copy of the applicant’s current academic transcript, an essay of 100-300 words describing what it means to gain a college education, and what you plan on studying while in college, a list of your extra-curricular activities during high school and/or college (Please provide description of activities performed), and a list of your interest in the game of golf to include, but not limited to, playing, working, watching, history or family involvement in golf. Also, can you please list any MAPGA events you have played in the past.

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