The PGA WORKS Fellowship is one of the flagship programs of PGA REACH. The PGA WORKS Fellowship aspires to be the most valuable entry-level employment opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to garner experience in all facets of the golf industry.

PGA REACH launched the PGA WORKS Fellowship in 2017, and has placed PGA WORKS Fellows in the Middle Atlantic, Carolinas, New Jersey, Western New York, Michigan, Gateway, South Florida, Southern and Northern Ohio, Connecticut, and Metropolitan PGA Sections.

Additional PGA WORKS Fellows will begin in 2019-2020 in the Northern California and Wisconsin PGA Sections.

2020 Middle Atlantic PGA Works Fellow

Tasita Garcia

Tasita Photo

We would also like to welcome Tasita Garcia who will join the MAPGA Staff as our PGA Works  Fellow. Tasita is a native to Cleveland, Ohio who graduated from the historically black institution, Jackson State University.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree while competing on the Women’s Division I Golf Team at Jackson State University, where she was also coached by the legendary Eddie Payton.

A career in golf has been her calling since a very young age. Tasita started golfing when she was four years old and have been self taught alongside her sister and father.  She has been active in golf from junior programs to major championships. Since, her passion for golf has given her opportunities to explore all over the country. Nowadays, she spends her time giving back as a volunteer golf coach with the First Tee of Cleveland.  Tiesta mentioned “I am thankful for this sport, it is more than just a game to me. And I am thankful for my father, Alfredo Garcia, for his endless love and support towards my golf career”.

Her main focus in having a career in the golf industry is to create a more diverse landscape and help grow this amazing sport. Eventually, she would like to work in liaison with a proper operations team to keep golf at historically black colleges and universities alive and create more programs at those colleges and universities. “Becoming a part of the Middle Atlantic PGA Section team is a dream come true thanks to the PGA WORKS Program. It is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to make the impact I believe I can in this industry.”

2018 Middle Atlantic PGA WORKS Fellow

Tajma Brown

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PGA Works Fellow

2019 Middle Atlantic PGA WORKS Fellow

Johnathan Johnson

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