Assistant Professional Database

Assistant Professional Database

Submit your Resume & Job Preferences

Be Linked to Employers Searching For “Qualified” Candidates

The Carolinas PGA and Middle Atlantic PGA are working together to create a database of Assistant Golf Professionals. By completing a brief online survey, you will help us better understand the current job market and allow us to educate employers on the preferences of job seekers in their market. Please take the time to complete the survey, as the data will only be valid if we receive a significant amount of responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Assistant Professional Database?

As a service to Assistant Professionals and employers, the section is working with PGA Career Services to create an Assistant Professional Candidate Database. The database will be used to identify Assistants whose qualifications match those required by the Employer.  The information collected will identify the following;

  • Assistants’ work experience, education, work preferences, preferred job location, preferred facility type and anticipated compensation.
  • Employer requirements for candidate selection

Why is the Database necessary?

Hiring Assistant Professionals has become increasingly difficult, and in the Database is being created to more efficiently connect employers with qualified job-seekers. By collecting a significant number of Assistant Professional profiles and resumes, we hope to provide Employers with a “qualified” list of potential candidates, reducing the time required by Employers to perform a Job Search, and offering expanded Assistant Professional opportunities.

How do I participate in the Database?

Click HERE to complete your profile and upload your resume. Please note that the resume must be in a PDF Format. 

Will Employers be able to see my resume?

When we have collected enough profiles/resumes, we will invite employers to use the service. Employers will identify their specific needs and the Career Consultant will contact Assistant Professionals whose profiles meet those needs to gauge their interest. Your name and resume will only be shared with an employer if you have an interest in the position.