Written by Ethan Brady

5 Minutes with Senior PGA Champ. Player Brendan McGrath

Throughout the next few weeks, the MAPGA will be featuring its five PGA Professionals competing in the 2017 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. This week’s feature is Brendan McGrath, PGA Professional at Hidden Creek.

MAPGA: What does it mean to you to play in the Senior PGA Champ in your home Section?

BM: Making the event is a dream come true.  Even better that it is right here.

(Photo by Traci Edwards/PGA of America)

MAPGA: When qualifying last year, was there any added pressure knowing that the event is in the Middle Atlantic Section?

BM: Only a little added pressure.  Wanting to make it, and then the event is at home.  I wanted to be able to participate right here.  It is mostly an “ego thing” with me.

MAPGA: Tell us about your previous Senior PGA Championship experiences. If this is your first, what are you expecting it to be like?

BM: This is my first, but I expect it to more than anything I have played in.  At the same time, I expect it to be just like every other tournament.

MAPGA: Describe your biggest golf accomplishment to date.

BM: This is absolutely my biggest accomplishment to date.

MAPGA: Where did you grow up and how did you get your start in golf?

BM:  I moved to Fairfax County in 1974.  I have been living here ever since.  A couple of college friends played golf while  I was doing nothing.  They got me started.

MAPGA: What do you think will be some of the challenges at Trump National DC? What do you think the winning score will be?

BM: The entire course is really good.  Difficult, but fair.  Winning score… who knows, best senior players in the world.  In the end, someone will have played great.

MAPGA: What are the key areas of your game for you to be successful in this tournament?

BM:  Focus, concentration and frame of mind.

MAPGA: Why did you decide to become a PGA Member? What does the MAPGA mean to you?

BM:  I had a real job.  Loved most of it.  Making money, great work environment, working with one of my best pals from childhood, great potential.  I didn’t love computers,  I loved golf.  After playing golf for a couple years I decided to go into the business.  I thought the best future path was to get the membership, similar to a college diploma.  It isn’t the answer, but it rarely hurts.  The MAPGA is the only section I have ever been associated with.  I have been a member for 22.5 years.  We have wonderful members and a staff that I think the world of.

If you are interested in tickets to the Senior PGA Championship or would like to play in its Pro-Am click here.