Written by Ethan Brady

5 Minutes With DCP Finalist Ian Walters

Drive, Chip & Putt National Finalist Ian Walters is one of four juniors to qualify for the final from the Middle Atlantic PGA Section. Walters will be competing in the Boys 14-15 Division April 2 at Augusta National Golf Club. Walters’ says he has been practicing nearly everyday since February at his home course, The Dominion Club, and GolfTec.  Walters  is currently a student at Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, Va.

MAPGA: Do you take lessons from any PGA Pros or instructors? If so, who?
I.W: I take lessons from my PGA Pro Jason Goslee at GolfTec.

MAPGA: How would you describe yourself?
I.W: I would describe myself as an even keel person. I don’t typically get very emotional on the golf course, whether that be too happy or too upset, which helps me keep a neutral state of mind when competing in big events.  I love to watch sports with my dad, go skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and in general be outdoors.

MAPGA: What’s something that would surprise people about you?
I.W: I came in fourth at locals and was the first alternate. I then got into the sub-regional round when one of the top three couldn’t make it.  Fortunately enough, I find myself in this position, and I feel extremely fortunate to be going to Augusta.

MAPGA: What do you love most about golf?
I.W: There is always something clear to work towards. If used correctly, no practice time is wasted.

MAPGA: Dream foursome without professional golfers?
I.W: Me, Justin Timberlake, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan

MAPGA: Most memorable golf shot?
I.W: On the second hole at my high school state championships this year, I holed out for eagle on the second hole, which was super exciting. I was lucky to be part of a great team (Deep Run High School) and we won states by 28 strokes.

MAPGA: Rapid-Fire Favorites: person to play golf with? Club in your bag? Emoji? Song?
I.W: I really enjoy playing golf with my friend and high school teammate Charlie Hanson (we are both freshmen). My favorite club in my bag is my pitching wedge.  My favorite emoji is one of the mandarin Chinese symbols.  My favorite song is Miracle Aligner by The Last Shadow Puppets.

MAPGA: What superpower would you want and why?
I.W: Some sort of hyper-focus that would enable me to perform well in a pressure filled situation in or not in golf.

MAPGA: What annoys you more than anything?
I.W: Definitely when people don’t pronounce things correctly.

MAPGA: What will always make you happy?
Being in the alps.

MAPGA: Other than golf, what are some of your hobbies?
I.W: Photography, hiking, skiing, soccer.

MAPGA: Greatest accomplishment?
I.W: Getting to the DCP Finals.

MAPGA: What do you want to accomplish in the future?
I.W: I would like to play college golf and graduate from a good school with a degree in business and work at an advertising agency.

MAPGA: Do you want to thank anyone for helping you reach Augusta?
I.W: I would like to thank my family, my coach, Jason Goslee, and everyone who has ever helped me accomplish anything in golf to prepare me for this moment.